Choosing your Christmas Turkey

We recommend approximately 2lb of turkey per person based on the Oven Ready weight of the turkey (Remember this will include the giblets, wings and bones). This will give approximately 1lb of turkey meat per person for their Christmas dinner and some leftovers for Boxing Day and beyond. We cannot guarantee that you will get exactly the weight you order, but we will try our hardest. The minimum size turkey we produce is 10lb (4.8kg). We rear and produce both Bronze and White turkeys and the choice is entirely yours as to which you order. There are limited numbers of the Bronze turkeys so please order quickly and we will confirm availability.

Price List 2018

White Oven Ready Turkey £   8.75 per kg £ 3.97 per lb
Bronze Oven Ready Turkey £ 11.15 per kg £ 5.06 per lb
Crown – White Turkey £ 14.00 per kg £ 6.35 per lb
Crown – Bronze Turkey £ 17.85 per kg £ 8.09 per lb

Paying For Your Turkey

We have changed the way in which we price our turkeys, so that you know exactly what you will pay for your turkey at the time of ordering and to make things simpler for ourselves! You can now order a weight range with a fixed price for the range, previously we sold by the weight of the turkey collected on the day.
In addition you have the choice of paying for the turkey at the time of ordering via our online payment system, or when you collect from the farm by Cash, Cheque or Credit/Debit card.

Couriering your Turkey anywhere in the UK

We are able to courier your turkey to you on Friday 21st December, for an additional charge. Please see the Ordering Page for more details.

Alternatively you are able to collect from the farm on 23rd & 24th December – When you collect your turkey it will be ready for the oven and weighed. We will supply you with some helps and tips for cooking it properly and some recipes for leftovers in addition to those wonderful turkey sandwiches.
We do not take deposits and rely on our customers collecting their Christmas Turkey as ordered. Payment via paypal, cash or Cheque please. For the latest information see our Facebook page...