The Jeffries family has over 40 years experience of rearing and producing great-tasting free range fresh turkeys. Our success in rearing a great-tasting turkey is based on selecting the right type of bird and rearing them naturally allowing them to grow and develop. We then process them in a humane and stress-free way on the farm that helps improve their great natural flavour.

We take our first delivery of day-old chicks from the hatchery in July. We then rear them indoors until they are big and strong enough to go outside. At night, they come inside for shelter in barns with deep straw beds and plenty of air. Our turkeys are bred to mature slowly over nearly six months and are free to eat and drink whenever they please. They are fed on a GM-free diet with no additives or growth promoters.

Our processing facilities are on the farm and inspected each year to ensure they comply with food hygiene standards. Once the turkeys have been plucked we then hang them in a chill-room for at least 10 days - this helps tenderise the meat and develops its full flavour.

We don't deliver turkeys over Christmas, because we are so busy and we ask that you come to pick your turkey up at the farm on December 23rd or Christmas Eve. When you collect your turkey it will be ready for the oven, labelled and weighed and we will supply you with some helps and tips for cooking it properly and some recipes for leftovers in addition to those wonderful turkey sandwiches.

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