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Tom’s Great Grandmother had a turkey flock during World War 1 and after. The photo you can see is from 1917. We still walk amongst our turkeys in much the same way everyday and our birds roam a grassy paddock. Some things have changed – we have had chill rooms as long as Tom can remember. Henry, our eldest son, is already comfortable amongst the flock and loves the way they follow him around, our dog is not so keen as the turkeys peck his name tag!

The Jeffries family have moved farms several times and are now located at Newbold Grounds near Staverton from near Badby following the death of Tom’s father Roger. Roger had many good tales of turkey rearing for the catering trade and my favourite is of the largest turkey competition – Roger’s bird came second weighing 74lbs (think Labrador dog size!).

Now our biggest turkey is around 25lbs and will go to a local Country House Hotel for their Christmas table. Our average bird sold direct to the customer is about 14lbs. Rachel (Tom’s wife) asks for a 15lb bird but often that changes as last minute orders come in.

We look forward to the collection days, the kids another year taller climbing on the old weighing scales seeing if three of them weigh more than Grandpa! We don’t sell anything apart from Christmas Turkeys so we are focused and calm so you can be too. Parking is easy and we grit our road if it gets icy. We look forward to seeing you and sharing our tradition.

Rachel & Tom Jeffries

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